Love Machine

September 9, 2010

When you meditate, be a love machine. With each repetition, remembrance, or emptying, generate all the love that you can. The Source is all-pervasive love, and that One Power eagerly awaits you to offer all your love to the Love Source. In so doing, you will rise higher and become more of the Love Source.


Release the Past

September 8, 2010

Release the past to gain freedom and grow spiritually. Allowing yourself to be caught in the past through thoughts, unconscious patterns, and subconscious beliefs keeps you mired in time, another name for the Negative Power. Be willing to take the risks necessary to live openly and honestly. That will empower you to grow to be all that you can be.

Inner Devotion

August 18, 2010

Engage in inner devotion moment to moment, and the heat of that love will create pearls at the feet of your Beloved.

The lower mind or the higher mind & God?

February 16, 2010

Each day we’re presented with one opportunity after another  to choose between the lower mind or God. Most of the time these opportunities pass unnoticed. Much of what I write in Bliss Blog will be my observations of how to distinguish and choose between the lower mind and the higher mind & God. In other words: how to live a life of increasing awareness, love, and bliss.

President’s Day and ambition

February 15, 2010

Today is President’s Day. Many people, when they were children, wanted to be President when they grew up. That’s a noble ambition which all but a few could attain. Why not nurture a truly wonderful and attainable ambition? Why not grow up and live with the intention to live in bliss and, ultimately, to be in that bliss forever? Bliss is that transcendent experience of the unity of your Self and God—or pervading Spirit Force, Higher Power, Supreme Being, Love Source—any name you wish to call the nameless One.